Firmware Updater

Keep your Midronome's firmware up to date to get access to the latest features.

Current version: 0.1-beta

Note:  you will need the latest firmware to upgrade your device:
Download Midronome Firmware v1.0

Sync File Generator

To synchronise your DAW and your Midronom with Audio Sync, you will need to use an Audio Sync File generated with this tool.

Current version: 0.1-beta

Important: these 0.1-beta versions are not signed, that means you will get a warning from your OS saying the software is unsafe, has unknown publisher, is damaged, cannot be checked for malicious software, or similar

As long as you download the software on this page - then it is safe and you can bypass the security mechanisms of your OS. This will be solved in version 0.2-beta.

==> How to launch the software on Windows or Mac <==

let us learn from your experience

If you happen to encounter an error, a crash, something that should not happen, please let us know by reporting an official bug! Thank you <3

You can also visit the forum to see what issues other users had.

Error Log Extractor

When reporting bugs, use the Error Log Extractor tool to get some information from your device , as it can really speed up the resolution.

Current version: 0.1-beta

Looking for Linux versions? Note that Linux versions are untested and that you will have to install the Java JRE yourself.

Didn't find the help you were looking for? Try checking our FAQ or peek at our forum.
If everything fails, you can always contact us via messenger app or by e-mail.