the literal ins and outs of the midronome

Midronome's back



30 to 400 BPM

Time Signature

From 1 to 99 beats per bar


Physical Outputs

2x MIDI Outs - DIN jacks

1x ANLG Clock - 3.5mm Stereo TRS jack
1x AUDIO - 6.35mm Stereo TRS jack

    -> with headphones/line switch

Physical Inputs

1x USB plug (used for power & communication)

1x Multi-function input (6.35mm Stereo TRS jack)

MIDI Clock

MIDI Outputs

No-load voltage 3.3V

Follows MIDI Specification

Compatible with MIDI-powered devices

MIDI Messages

Constantly: F8 (MIDI Clock)

Start: F2 00 00 (MIDI SPP 0), FA (MIDI Start)

Stop: FB (MIDI Stop) followed by Bx 7B 00 (All Notes Off)

Resync: FB (MIDI Stop) followed by Start

MIDI Clock Jitter

< 5 nanoseconds

Other MIDI messages do not add any jitter


Class Compliant

2 input interfaces:

    * Clock & Start

    * Clock Only

3 output interfaces:

    * Commands (see below)
    * MIDI Out 1 (forwarded - see below)
    * MIDI Out 2 (same)

USB-MIDI Commands

Change tempo and time signature
Mute/unmute metronome
Change analog clock speed
Start/stop/resync sequencers
(see details in Midronome User Guide)

Forwarded MIDI messages

Note on & Note off
Aftertouch & Channel Pressure
Pitch Bend
SysEx (max 125 bytes)
Song Select

Analog Clocks

CV/Analog clocks

2 independent outputs (stereo jack)

5ms pulse 0-5V

Configurable speed from 1ppq to 24ppq

DIN Sync (sync24)

Left = pulses 0-5V 24ppq

Right = start/stop signal 0-5V

Compatible with vintage Roland devices with a TRS to DIN adapter

Audio Metronome

Metronome sound

60 different click sounds

Different click sound for downbeat

Max. Audio Level

Balanced Line Out: +13 dBu

Headphones: 15 mW + 15 mW at 32 Ω

Audio volume

9 volume levels

+/-6dB steps

Different volume for downbeat click

Multi-function Input

Possible functions


Drum Pad

External sync (to sync f.ex. with DAWs)

Pedal functions



Tap Tempo

Max. 2 pedals

Drum Pad Modes

Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo + Tap Time Signature (detects stronger hits)

3 configurable sensitivity levels

External Sync Modes

MidroSync - to sync with another Midronome

24PPQ - to sync to a 24ppq signal

24PPQ without 1-bar start delay

Accepted pedal type

Momentary (typical sustain pedal)

Latching (typical guitar amp footswitch)

Accepted pedal polarity

Any (automatically detected)


Play/Stop Modes

Play on the next bar

Play right away and reset metronome

PLAY Button Modes

Play on both MIDI Ports

Play only on MIDI Port 1

MUTE Button Modes


Second Play button: Play only on MIDI Port 2 (one button per MIDI Port)

Power Source

USB Bus Power - 5V

Current consumption

60mA average (default display brightness, set to 003)

90mA average (maximum display brightness, set to 008)

300mA peak (without add-on module)

Asks for 500mA from USB host

Dimensions (WxDxH)