the literal ins and outs of the midronome

Midronome's back


Tempo Range

30 to 400 BPM

Time Signature

from 1 to 99 beats per bar


Physical Outputs

2x independent MIDI Outputs

1x Audio Output (6.35mm Stereo TRS jack)

          with headphones/line switch

1x CV/Analog/DIN Sync Clock Output (3.5mm Stereo TRS jack)

Physical Inputs

1x USB plug (also used for power)

1x Multi-function input (6.35mm Stereo TRS jack)

MIDI Clock

MIDI Outputs

No-load voltage 3.3V
Follows MIDI Specification
Compatible with MIDI-powered devices

MIDI Packets

Constantly: F8 (MIDI Clock)
: F2 00 00 (MIDI SPP 0), FA (MIDI Start)
: FB (MIDI Stop)
: same as Start

MIDI Clock Jitter

+/- 5 nanoseconds

Other MIDI packets do not add any jitter


Class Compliant

3 interfaces:

    * Midronome Clock & Start

    * Midronome Clock Only

    * Midronome Commands (see below)

USB-MIDI Commands

(to send to the Midronome over USB-MIDI)

MIDI Start/Cont./Stop -> same as pressing PLAY

MIDI Clock -> ignored
Ch 12 MIDI CC 85-89 -> set tempo

Ch 12 MIDI CC 90 -> set time signature

Analog Clocks

CV/Analog clocks

2 independent outputs (Stereo TRS jack)

5ms pulse 0-5V

Configurable speed from 1ppq to 24ppq (pulses per quarter note)

DIN Sync (sync24)

Tip/Left = pulses 0-5V 24ppq

Ring/Right = start/stop signal 0-5V

Compatible with vintage Roland devices with a TRS to DIN adapter

Audio Metronome

Metronome sound

60 different click sounds
Different click sound for downbeat

Max. Audio Level

Balanced Line Out: +13 dBu

Headphones: 15 mW + 15 mW at 32 Ω

Audio volume

9 volume levels

+/-6dB steps

Different volume for downbeat click

Multi-function Input

Possible functions

Drum Pad
"Audio Sync" Mode (to sync with DAWs f.ex.)

Additional pedal (with one of the above)

Pedal functions

Tap Tempo

Drum Pad Modes

Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo + Tap Time Signature (detects stronger hits)

3 configurable sensitivity levels

Audio Sync Mode

Sync to an Audio Sync Signal generated by the SyncFileGenerator Tool

Accepted pedal type

Momentary (typical sustain pedal)

Latching (typical guitar amp footswitch)

Accepted pedal polarity

Any (automatically detected)


Play/Stop Modes

Play on the next bar
Play right away and reset metronome (to the beginning of the bar)

PLAY Button Modes

Play on both MIDI Ports
Play only on MIDI Port 1

MUTE Button Modes


Second Play button: Play only on MIDI Port 2 (one button per MIDI Port)

Power Source

USB Bus Power - 5V

Current consumption

60mA average (default display brightness, set to 003)

90mA average (maximum display brightness, set to 008)

300mA peak (without add-on module)

Asks for 500mA from USB host

Dimensions (WxDxH)